Monday, April 05, 2010

പോയിന്റ് ലോബോസ്, കാര്‍മല്‍ കാലിഫോര്‍ണിയ

വടക്കന്‍ കാലിഫോര്‍ണിയ യുടെ തെക്കേ അറ്റത്തുള്ള മോന്ടെരേ (Monterey Bay) ഉള്‍ക്കടല്‍ തീരത്താണ് കാര്‍മല്‍ (Carmel) എന്ന തീരദേശ ഗ്രാമം. 

"Carmel By The Sea" boasts art galleries, pastry and antique stores as well as beautiful cottages. Downtown Carmel is just a few blocks from a long, clean beach perfect for families.

Point Lobos State Reserve and Carmel River Beach State Park are a short drive South of Carmel downtown, off Hwy 1 (Cabrilo Hwy). Both parks offer hiking trails with beautiful views of the bay. Lots of wildflowers can also be seen along the trails. Both parks offer an abundance of flaura and fona for photographers as well.

Off the Cabrillo Highway (1) South of Carmel, CA.

Wild flower @ Point Lobos State Reserve, CA

Bay @ Point Lobos State Reserve, near Carmel CA

This park has lots of beautiful hiking trails that go for miles! It also has great views of the ocean and the Monterey Bay.

Wild flower @ Point Lobos State Reserve, CA

More pictures here.

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