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Free parking in San Francisco: near GG bridge, Marina, Fishermans Wharf

Free parking in San Francisco: near GG bridge, Marina, Fishermans Wharf

November 15, 2009 at 8:38am
When visiting the popular tourist spots in San Francisco parking can be a challenge, especially those free ones. Here are some I have discovered and used in the past.

Golden Gate Bridge

The parking lot by the Golden Gate Bridge visitor center has only a few spaces, and it charges a quite a bit for parking, and there is a time limit too. Just around the corner from this lot, there is a larger lot that is free. Here are directions to get to that lot.
  1. From South Bay, take I-280, and turn left on to 19th Ave.
  2. Continue on 19th Ave. for a few miles, and go through the tunnel that takes you onto the Golden Gate Bridge.
  3. Just before you get to the tolll plaza, look for the sign "Last SF Exit" and take that exit. It will take you to the parking lot for the visitor center.
  4. Turn right at the stop sign and out of that parking lot. You will get to a stop sign and at the "T" turn left.
  5. Turn left at the first lot. You will find open parking spaces and there is no time limit or fees. There is a well-maintained trail that would take you to the visitor center. The views of the bridge are excellent on this trail.
  6. Here are the co-ordinates for the parking lot: 37.807063,-122.47207
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Fort Point
Fort Point is where we can see the beginning of the bridge, from a lower vantage point. It has a free lot. To get there, turn left from the free parking lot mentioned earlier, and then turn left again at the next possible left turn.

Palace Of Finearts/ Exploratorium
Free Parking along the buildings at the Presidio/ Crissy Field can be used when visiting this landmark. It is a short walk to get to the POF and the Exploratorium.

Marina/ Fisherman's Wharf
Park for free along the Marna greens and Fort Mason. Fisherman's wharf is about half a mile away. You can get there by walking North, over the hill/park and by the Aquatic Center/museum and Ghirardelli Square.

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